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Launch Of The BlocPartners

The alliance of agencies formerly known as Indigenus announced a bold transformation that reflects their commitment to work and grow as a unified entity: the alliance took the name of one of its founding partners, becoming The BlocPartners.

"In addition to our deep healthcare roots, innovation, and capabilities, one of our key strengths is our seamless collaboration and the personal working relationships we have with each other, which benefit our clients globally. That is why our name is about 'partners' and not about 'global'," commented André Darmon, co-chairman of The BlocPartners and president of French partner agency. Masaki Yamagata, president of Japanese partner agency, added, "This transformation clearly conveys the essence of our way of working and being 'in it' together; with each other and with our clients. This collaboration overcomes every kind of barrier, from regulatory to language and customs. We have what it takes to drive the change a brand needs to succeed in a new country."

The BlocPartners will preserve its unique model in which independent partner agencies choose to be part of an alliance with shared values and a common purpose: delivering value to clients in every way and in every interaction to help them succeed with all their customers. In 2017, The BlocPartners will be rolling out internal processes, tools, and initiatives that strengthen the alliance's unity, foster innovation, and facilitate operational excellence. This transformation will allow agencies to better access each other for best practices, learnings, and resources, as well as provide the 500+ alliance employees with increased international opportunities and exposure.

"As The BlocPartners, we will be in a stronger position to deliver the best of two worlds; our multilocal—rather than multinational—approach means clients get the high level of performance, innovation, and scale of a global network with the agile, entrepreneurial, and collaborative spirit of an independent alliance," states Mariana Sánchez de Ovando, global executive director of TheBloc Partners.

The BlocPartners is the largest global alliance of leading independent health creative agencies, delivering full-service capabilities to global and local clients worldwide since 2004. Incorporated as an LLC, it has 18 top-ranking health creative agencies in key major and emerging markets, which maximizes growth for brands.

All partner agencies were born of a passion for healthcare, rank in the top 5 in their market, and bring a deep understanding of local regulatory issues, legal mandates, and cultural insights only a native can deliver. Together, The BlocPartners adapt, flex, and collaborate across international boundaries to overcome every kind of barrier and deliver effective solutions that master the art and the science of health communication across stakeholders and channels.

Americas: The Bloc (United States), CPC Healthcare Communications (Canada), Marketing Latino (Mexico), Thanks (Brazil); Europe: gHealthcare (Turkey), HealthWay (Poland), Lindh & Partners (Sweden), Life Healthcare Communications (UK), Serviceplan Health & Life (Germany), Strategik & Numerik (France), Thenewway (Italy), umbilical (Spain), X-Ray (Switzerland); Asia: JSure (China), PharMa International (Japan), Sorento Healthcare Communications (India); Oceania: Insight (Australia and New Zealand).

Visit www.theblocpartners.com to learn more.

Created by: TheBlocPartners, 2017-04-03