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Summer break

It's time for our yearly summer break. Lindh & Partners closes from July 10th until July 31st. We wish you all a great summer and see you again on Monday, July 31st.

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2017-07-07

Our Creative Director Susanne is part of the Pharma Lions jury 2017

We are happy and proud to represent Sweden on the Pharma Lions jury in Cannes this year!




Created by: Hans Lindh, 2017-04-18

Launch Of The BlocPartners

The alliance of agencies formerly known as Indigenus announced a bold transformation that reflects their commitment to work and grow as a unified entity: the alliance took the name of one of its founding partners, becoming The BlocPartners.

"In addition to our deep healthcare roots, innovation, and capabilities, one of our key strengths is our seamless collaboration and the personal working relationships we have with each other, which benefit our clients globally. That is why our name is about 'partners' and not about 'global'," commented André Darmon, co-chairman of The BlocPartners and president of French partner agency. Masaki Yamagata, president of Japanese partner agency, added, "This transformation clearly conveys the essence of our way of working and being 'in it' together; with each other and with our clients. This collaboration overcomes every kind of barrier, from regulatory to language and customs. We have what it takes to drive the change a brand needs to succeed in a new country."

The BlocPartners will preserve its unique model in which independent partner agencies choose to be part of an alliance with shared values and a common purpose: delivering value to clients in every way and in every interaction to help them succeed with all their customers. In 2017, The BlocPartners will be rolling out internal processes, tools, and initiatives that strengthen the alliance's unity, foster innovation, and facilitate operational excellence. This transformation will allow agencies to better access each other for best practices, learnings, and resources, as well as provide the 500+ alliance employees with increased international opportunities and exposure.

"As The BlocPartners, we will be in a stronger position to deliver the best of two worlds; our multilocal—rather than multinational—approach means clients get the high level of performance, innovation, and scale of a global network with the agile, entrepreneurial, and collaborative spirit of an independent alliance," states Mariana Sánchez de Ovando, global executive director of TheBloc Partners.

The BlocPartners is the largest global alliance of leading independent health creative agencies, delivering full-service capabilities to global and local clients worldwide since 2004. Incorporated as an LLC, it has 18 top-ranking health creative agencies in key major and emerging markets, which maximizes growth for brands.

All partner agencies were born of a passion for healthcare, rank in the top 5 in their market, and bring a deep understanding of local regulatory issues, legal mandates, and cultural insights only a native can deliver. Together, The BlocPartners adapt, flex, and collaborate across international boundaries to overcome every kind of barrier and deliver effective solutions that master the art and the science of health communication across stakeholders and channels.

Americas: The Bloc (United States), CPC Healthcare Communications (Canada), Marketing Latino (Mexico), Thanks (Brazil); Europe: gHealthcare (Turkey), HealthWay (Poland), Lindh & Partners (Sweden), Life Healthcare Communications (UK), Serviceplan Health & Life (Germany), Strategik & Numerik (France), Thenewway (Italy), umbilical (Spain), X-Ray (Switzerland); Asia: JSure (China), PharMa International (Japan), Sorento Healthcare Communications (India); Oceania: Insight (Australia and New Zealand).

Visit www.theblocpartners.com to learn more.

Created by: TheBlocPartners, 2017-04-03

We won!

We are winners in the "Advertising to the consumer/patient" category for prescription medicines and treatments" in the Global Awards – World's Best Healthcare & Wellness Advertising 2016 for our TV commercial for Vagifem (NovoNordisk).

See the film at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEKXKBWwf4A

Read more at: http://www.theglobalawards.com/winners/2016/index.php

A big thanks to our customer Novo Nordisk for the trust to carry out the assignment!

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2016-12-15

Indigenus meeting in Sweden

In June it was again time for conference with our international network Indigenus. This time Lindh & Partners was the host and participants from 10 different countries gathered in Gothenburg.

Through the partnership in Indigenus our customers get access to a number of unique services. With BLOC Scrape it is possible to quickly and efficiently get information about what our clients' competitors do in specific markets. This is only one example of a smart service. If you want to know more about BLOC Scrape, or other valuable services, please contact us.

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2016-06-30

Premiering today

Our latest assignment - a commercial for Vagifem® – now appears in the TV4 Group's channels.

The commercial is followed up with advertisements in magazines and online.

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2016-03-07

Keep your eyes open!

Created by: Niklas Göransson, 2016-02-02

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

from Lindh & Partners

This year our Christmas gift goes to the Rotary Doctor Bank's work to save lives worldwide.

Created by: Linda Persson, 2015-12-18

We have moved

After 15 years at Packhusplatsen, we have now moved to new facilities in Vasastan.

Our new address:

Storgatan 4
SE–411 24 Göteborg

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2015-10-02

Indigenus to report key trends about Millennial doctors at Cannes Lions Health 2015

Paging Dr. Millennial: rethinking healthcare communication for next-generation physicians

Mariana Sanchez from Indigenus and Lucien Engelen from Radboud University present "Paging Dr. Millennial" at Cannes LionsHealth 2015 this June 19th! Check out the video to learn more! ‪#‎millennialdoctors‬


Created by: Susanne Blom, 2015-06-12

Indigenus meeting – Paris

In May, the agency partners were catching up on global/local news and exchanging best practices during the biannual network meeting in Paris.

Among the guest speakers was Tim Kennedy from Novartis, who talked about changes in the pharmaceutical business and how they affect the cooperation between pharmaceutical companies and their agencies.

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2015-06-07

Haircuts for breast cancer awareness

Last weekend we launched the first hair donation event in Sweden: Johannaklippet. People with long hair donated their locks to make a difference in the lives of breast cancer patients.

The event was initiated by Breast Cancer Association Johanna in Gothenburg together with Lindh & Partners. 11 donors had scheduled their cuts but many more were interested and want to donate in the future.

For the first time ever

It was the first time we arranged Johannaklippet but we hope that this will be a recurring event that also will take place in different cities. JohannaKlippet was started in order to put focus on the psychosocial aspects of breast cancer. For example the loss of hair during chemotherapy. For many people this is a big shock and they have a hard time to accept how they look afterwards.

The hair will be transformed into new wigs

All donated hair is sold to a wigmaker who pays for it. During our first event we collected 420 cm hair with the total weight of 1,28 kilo. Since the Swedish healthcare system provides free wigs for cancer patients, hair donation is a different way of raising money and to highlight the psychological aspects of breast cancer.

Reaching out

While Swedens healthcare system takes good care of the medical treatment, psychological aspects are often left behind. The role of local non-profit support groups therefore is very important. JohannaKlippet was a great platform for Gothenburgs Breast Cancer Association "Johanna" to speak of their work.

A big commitment

Many people were involved in the project. Representatives of Johannas informed about the different support groups and some of the members couragely told their own stories. Other contributors were Heart pillow project Sweden, artist Helene Nordfors, writer Vuokko Elner, actor Marie Delleskog and a rockband that performed different acts related to the topic.

Thank you!

Seeing so many people volunteer for a good cause is absolutely fantastic. Many thanks to everyone involved, especially the hairdressers and the photographer who took before and after pictures. Thanks also for providing the perfect event location in one of Swedens biggest shopping malls, producing printing materials, banners, constructing our stand, making goodie-bags for the donors, scanning pictures and last but not least for the production of our promo video. Without the support of our fantastic donors, our idea could never have come to live.

Media attention

Swedens television SVT was at the spot on Friday. Watch the news clip about JohannaKlippet online:


Before and after pictures as well as pictures and videos of the event can be found here:



Created by: Susanne Blom, 2015-05-15

Indigenus website – video content



We have 25 interviews live on the Indigenus website. You can sort videos by topic or speakers. These are interviews made during eyeforpharma. The topics of the current interviews have a focus on the 3 verticals that eyeforpharma's agenda focused on – multichannel, patient-centricity and sales force effectiveness.




We launched this section with a series of 3 videos that capture characteristics that differentiate our network – Indigenus Sky, Indigenus Sync and our flexible structure.

Watch the videos to learn more.

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2015-03-26


We are exited to reveal an important project we have been working on for several weeks: Johannaklippet.

Join us on May 8 and 9th for our hair donation event which is taking place in Nordstan. The aim is to highlight the need for psychosocial support for breast cancer patients and their loved ones.

During two days we will collect hair donations from the public and sell the hair to a local wigmaker. All money earned goes directly to local breast cancer support group "Bröstcancerföreningen Johanna Göteborg Bohuslän", the initiator of the project.

Besides having the chance to donate of your hair, you can take part of a diverse program which addresses the importance of breast cancer support both from a personal and scientific point of view.

We at Lindh & Partners are proud to be part of the event committee.

For more information about Johannaklippet go to our Facebook pages:



Created by: Susanne Blom, 2015-03-08

We are now Veeva Web Content Providers

Lindh & Partners have joined the Veeva Web Content Provider program in order to build content for iRep. Veeva Systems is a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions specifically designed for the life science industry.

Read more about Veeva Systems

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2015-02-13

We're definitely not in Kansas anymore...

The Internet bubble burst in the 90:ies. The value and importance of Internet and computer technology was deemed overrated and could not live up to the expectations. Flash forward 25 years...


Today millions of people live their daily lives through smart phones, tablets and apps and we are helpless when WiFi fails us or Facebook goes down for a couple of hours.

The world wide web and the technology we use to get to the content have dramatically changed the way we communicate and interact with each other. The way we receive information and how we share our knowledge and experiences is controlled by which channels we use and which social platforms we work from.

The trend with wearables has exploded and will continue to grow and develop. Bracelets or watches that collect and register your exercise routines, sleeping patterns and calorie consumption is no longer a Sci-Fi utopia but part of our daily life. Initially the target group was exercisers that wanted to register their workout performances or fitness, but also in a broader health and care perspective the possibilities with wearables are almost endless.

In 2012 the FDA approved a digital pill developed by Proteus Digital Health. The pill is a sensor that is ingested together with the prescribed medication and registers and reports factors such as time of intake, heart rate, rest and physical activity. A great tool for the physician to use to monitor how the patient is following the prescription.

Google is currently working on a smart lens that will be able to measure levels of glucose in the blood through the fluids in the eyes. If they succeed, the step is not far from other relevant measurements. Based on the TENS-technology (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), Thimble Bioelectronics is developing a patch designed to respond to pain.

The benefits with wearables are obvious. With discreet means we get an increased amount of real time information that later can be used to optimize eg treatment strategies. This might be a more dependable way to follow the patient while at home compared to relying on the patient reporting how he or she has taken the medication. Every patient can be treated based on his or her own specific individual data. Also as a patient you can get more actively involved in your treatment process.

What could be problematic though? Well for one thing, the question of liability could be tricky. How should all the data collected be handled? Who owns it? Who should bear the costs? Is there a risk that this will be a question of class? It is already possible to implant a chip under the skin and use it to control your computer or devices in your home. Were do we draw the line between being human and being cyborg? We have apps that through wearables tell us which friend or family member that stresses us out the most or which one makes us laugh the most. Will there be need in the future to think for ourselves at all?

Or can we put the full responsibility for our health and lives into our gadgets

Created by: Jessica Bah Rösman, 2015-02-10

Positive feedback

Getting that kind of feedback on our projects makes us obviously very proud:

"Dear partners,

I would like to thank you very very very very very much for your very very very very very professional and speedy help with feedback of the translations of the documents.

It was a very very very very very exceptional short deadline and I know that the international team also would like to thank you.

I wish you a very very very very very nice weekend!"

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2015-01-16

Merry Christmas and a 2015 full of hope!

This year's Christmas gift is a donation to the Breast Cancer Society Johanna, Gothenburg Bohuslän.

Johanna is a society to which women with breast cancer, or relatives, can turn to for support, help and advice. With our contribution we want to support the society in their effort to reach out to those affected.

We at Lindh & Partners wish you a Merry Christmas and a 2015 full of hope!

PS: During the holidays, a part of our team is in the office if you need to reach us.

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2014-12-17

A series of numbers that made an impression in Mexico

15 years ago we started Lindh & Partners. It does not really feel like such a long time ago when I sat down to create an ad for "Pharma Industry", the leading pharma magazine in Sweden. The only problem was that the magazine was to be printed before our company name was approved. So I ended up with an ad that had the company's corporate number 556502-9146 as sender. Maybe it was a little impersonal, or maybe not? The result was that two people responded to the ad. And we are actually still working with one of them.

In connection with our first product launch, we built a booth in the shape of a Mexican ranch at Swedens National Meeting of Medicine "Medicinska Riksstämman". Recently, we built www.instruccionesmedicas.mx and the secretary at the Swedish Embassy in Mexico attended the launch at La Hacienda de los Morales in Mexico City. I think it's a decent trip, and it also shows that we are involved in the developments of the pharmaceutical industry even outside of Sweden.

Created by: Hans Lindh, 2014-11-21

IoT (Internet of Things)

A few weeks ago I attended a very interesting event organized by GREAT in Gothenburg. The topic was the Always Connected 2.0 - Internet of Things.

It was an extensive agenda with a wide range of speakers who had captured the phenomenon of the Internet and new perspectives where more things are connected in the future. Here is a brief recap of some of the speeches:

Viktoria Swedish ICT talked about circular business models that will be a necessity in the future. We all know that traditional, product selling models consume the Earth's resources faster than necessary. A better way for sustainability is that companies lease out / offer services that consumers pay for, instead of buying a product.

SKF - Christopher Malm took us through a future model for SKF where they add value to their products by adding measuring devices. In that way, engines (for example) could give a signal that they need to be replaced before they stop working.

Volvo Cars - Johan Sanneblad showed how the new Volvo XC90 will be equipped in terms of online services. The screens and devices in this new model are very close to how smartphones and tablets works. It is also a challenge to keep the driver focused on traffic.

Tele 2 - David Bergstedt described how the operators' role will be in a world of the Internet of Things. The requirements for QoS, bandwidth, etc. are tough.

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2014-10-31

Indigenus meeting in Istanbul

The bi-annual Indigenus meeting will take place in Istanbul from October 20-22, 2014. More than 30 participants from 12 countries will partake in the meetings and events over 3 days in beautiful Istanbul. Just as local fisherman along the Bosporus have done for centuries, it is our time to "catch the big fish" of the pharma industry. Discussions will focus around the changing tides of the pharmaceutical marketing industry, experiences over the past 6 months, and development of strategies to compete with the best and win new clients, aka, catch the big fish!

Guest speakers include Louise Benson, the festival director of Lions Health, the International Festival of Creativity in Healthcare communications and Alev Sacbuker, the country procurement manager at Novartis Turkey.

In addition to the meetings, Indigenus will host its annual indiGENIUS Awards Ceremony, which recognizes the best creative work internally.

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2014-10-15

Lindh & Partners on the shortlist of KOLLA! 2014

We have advanced to the shortlist in Swedens Illustration Award Show KOLLA! with our medical illustrations for medicininstruktioner.se

The illustrations were produced by our 3D artist Niklas Göransson.

Final nominations will be announced at the awards ceremony in November.

KOLLA! is a competition for illustrators, designers, animators, cartoonists, filmmakers and game developers.

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2014-10-09

Launch for POA Scandinavia

Scandinavian launch of two new products for POA Pharma: Onytec and Cetraxal

Cetraxal is the only local treatment for acute otitis externa that has both an anti-bacterial as well as an anti-inflammatory effect. This combination of features are beneficiary for the patient since that it relieves pain more quickly by reducing the swelling in the ear mucosa as well as curing the infection causing the pain. The concept illustrates Cetraxal's dual action as well as showing it's efficacy.

Onytec is a prescribed as alocally administered nailpolish for treatment of nail fungus. It has documented effect and virtually no side effects. Nail fungus is regarded as a persistent but benign form of infection. The new concept illustrates the beneficial effect of Onytec and how it doesn't affect anything else but the fungus. The fishing metaphor is relatable in that there are different kinds of methods, and in this particular case one more suitable for the purpose than the others.

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2014-10-08

10 stories – Sobi

During the last months, we have been working on an exciting project that will help to increase the understanding and awareness of a rare metabolic disorder: Heriditary tyrosinaemia type 1 (HT-1).

The result is a book that gathers multinational stories of 10 families living with HT-1. The publication provides patients, parents and family members with the opportunity to share their experiences of the condition with others.

The main purpose was to create a tool to support affected families, especially those that recently received the diagnosis. They should feel that there is hope and inspiration even if someone in the family is suffering from HT-1.

We selected 10 patients in different ages from 5 European countries. The interviews were made on-site and the patients are shown in their authentic daily environment with friends and family. The fact that the texts are written in a non-medical way along with a layout that allows for large pictures and many quotes make the reading both captivating and emotional.

The book was presented by Sobi at the SSIEM 2014 – (Annual Symposium of The Society for the Study of Inborn Errors of Metabolism).

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2014-09-17

Life-Changing Ideas from Cannes

June 2014 marked the inaugural Lions Health Awards in Cannes, France, billed as a "Festival for Creativity" in healthcare communications. The 2-day event took place immediately prior to the weeklong Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, and promises to be for healthcare advertising what Cannes Lions is to general advertising.

Seminars that activate and cultivate restless minds

I stayed on after Lions Health to attend some of the Cannes Lions seminars. It was an awe-inspiring week and a half, with plenty of interesting learning as well as opportunities to hack what's going on in other verticals and industries. The one event that most got me thinking and has kept me thinking since was the seminar with Google's former Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora, titled "A Healthy Disregard for the Impossible."

The seminar was incredible more from a macro perspective of "vision" than a micro perspective of "the what." We got insight into the way one of the most innovative companies of our time thinks and works. Google applies what they call "First Principle" to everything they create. First Principle means that projects are approached from the ground up, without restrictions. The end vision is "aspire to serve the world with universal technology and platforms." And as lofty as it sounds, it's the reality at Google. They fulfill this mission every day with the products they create, and with the thinking behind them. As Nikesh talked about the gap that was missing in glucose monitoring for diabetic patients, the experience of creating self-driving cars, and traditional teaching vs. teaching through technology, he showcased how shifts in the way we think about these issues could make a difference. This got me thinking about the health and wellness industry. What could a singular end vision mean to our vertical, and how do we hack the notion of "First Principle" to make a meaningful difference for patients and doctors?

Aspire to serve the healthcare world

Uniting around a single vision in health and wellness communications can be daunting because healthcare problems are incredibly diverse. Do we create micro products that serve the individual or do we create macro products that aspire to serve the masses? In a way, Google is doing both with its Project Iris: vision contact lenses with built-in sensors to monitor glucose levels. How do we extend the principle of creating from the ground up to other healthcare issues? When we can create products that fill gaps in people's lives, the positive impact on humanity and health will be huge. That's how Google is thinking and creating. What can we as industry leaders learn from this, and apply to our thinking?

Aspire to be social with health

If I were to imagine an idea where the macro and micro converged and leveraged the First Principle approach, I'd go straight to the social space. Big and small pharmaceutical companies are missing out on massive opportunities to use the very technologies and social applications that are already part of people's daily lives. They are stuck being uncomfortable with the lack of control in social media, missing the fact that because people have voices, they'll be heard regardless of whether a brand or a company is the conduit. So why not accept this and be the enabler of transparent conversations around health?

Aspire to ignite a cause worth fighting for

There is massive opportunity for social media to change health outcomes. However, we as an industry are so afraid of the lack of control that we aren't using the very medium that the whole healthcare community is already actively engaged in. Why wouldn't we simply acknowledge we live in a social world, and accept that? If patients are going to talk about your brand or a condition anyway, wouldn't you want to be the one to sponsor the place for them to have the conversation? Social media is the "must" for healthcare to hack. It's essential because it's at the epicenter of where all kinds of health- and wellness-related news is happening, every second of every hour. Social can build awareness, help advise people, convince them to speak to their doctors, and transform how they behave. Take a look at what the "Cancer Tweets" campaign did to raise awareness for cancer. This Twitter-based campaign for the League Against Cancer galvanized people all around the world, viscerally reminding them that they are at risk for cancer, and driving awareness of the importance of screening. That's just one example of how social media could both advise cancer communities of how to take care of themselves and transform the way that patients behave.

Activate patients and serve the greater good

Remember that even people who are living with a debilitating disease and stuck at home may very well be connected in a big way via the Internet and their mobile devices. And these devices are their windows into what's going on in the health world, in their personal health life, and with their peers. When you next aspire to serve the healthcare world think micro but create macro. Patients are desperately seeking community and need new ways to listen and be heard, and there's definitely a social application for that. An app that will aspire to ignite the voices of sufferers of disease, activate physicians to treat differently by recognizing unmet needs, and, at the end of the day, change behavior to help drive the greater health good.

Created by: Elizabeth Elfenbein – Indigenus New York, 2014-09-05

Meet us at the PI Invitational golf tournament

On September 4th, it is time for the 11th edition of the golf tournament PI Invitational. Niklas Göransson represents Lindh and Partners in the starting field. We are also in place as cheerleaders at hole No. 1, where the players can compete for our coveted prize, a Zepp golf sensor. The contest is to guess the length of their tee shots. The distance is measured with laser binoculars and the player who comes closest to their guess wins. Hope to see you there!

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2014-08-27

Medicininstruktioner.se (Medical instructions) launched in Norway and Mexico

The portal is a service aimed to promote better drug use by bringing together instruction films for all drugs and medical aids under one single web address, regardless of the company behind the product.

The service provides knowledge and security for the patient, the healthcare system and the pharmacies in order to achieve satisfactory treatment outcome and improve compliance.

Lack of adherence to prescribed treatment has for a long time been a major problem in health care. A problem that costs society large sums each year. But this does not only applies for Sweden, it is a global problem. Interest in the service is growing abroad and now Medicininstruktioner Sweden AB, together with local partners, opened a corresponding service in Norway and Mexico.

It is a great comfort to have access to correct instructions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This applies to both patients who has to manage their own treatment as well as for the medical staff who assist the patients. For pharmaceutical companies, the service is an important resource in the effort to reach out with the correct instructions about their drugs and medical devices.

The Norwegian portal - www.medisininstruksjoner.no - is run by Medisininstruksjoner Norway AS, based in Oslo. The Mexican portal – www.instruccionesmedicas.mx – is run by Latino Marketing, based in Mexico City. Both companies have extensive experience in medical communications, they are familiar with the legal framework in each country and have a wide network of contacts in the pharmaceutical world.

Medicininstruktioner Sweden AB started in 2008 and the interest in the service is huge. Instructional videos for over 120 products in 26 therapeutic areas are now published and new films are added continuously.

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2014-08-19

Lindh & Partners in Global Awards jury

Very proud to be part of the jury at this year's edition of the Global Awards. The Global Awards are the world's largest and most coveted healthcare communications awards and are the only ones dedicated to the recognition of excellence on an international basis. Read more about the competition here: http://theglobalawards.com

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2014-08-05

Back from vacation

For most of us, the holidays are now over and we are back at the office. Hope you had a lovely summer too!

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2014-07-29

Summer Break

It's time for our yearly summer break. Lindh & Partners closes from July 7th until July 25th. We wish you all a great summer and see you again on Monday, July 28th.

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2014-06-30

Indigenus meeting in New York, May 19–21th

Again, some of the top healthwellness communication agencies in the world are gathered for a global meeting. This year we celebrate the network's 10th anniversary and of course, this is part of the agenda. We look back but mainly forward.

In addition to the anniversary, the program is packed with lectures, discussions and networking activities:

Daniel Becker, owner of MedAd News, speaks about his views on "The State of the Medical Advertising industry".

The European agencies summarize highlights from Eye for Pharma in Barcelona and the evaluation of our Indigenus Forum.

Patient-centricity is a big topic. We present tools and cases within the network that deliver added value for the patient.

We will also work out an Indigenus standard in multichannel to provide our customers with a consistent offer - locally and globally.

During a visit to the Internet Week in New York, we participate in the "Happy Media Happy Hour."

Until we meet again in the fall, we have a strong action-plan.

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2014-05-21

Medicininstruktioner.se at AT-läkarstämman (Interns meeting)

Medicininstruktioner Sverige participated as an exhibitor at the Interns Conference (AT-läkarstämman) in Stockholm March 27th & 28th

Interns are a very important target group for www.medicininstruktioner.se as the service is intended to support healthcare professionals and their patients in their daily work. The interest in the website amongst the 550 participants was very high during the days of the meeting.

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2014-04-01


It is our pleasure to announce that the new INDIGENUS website is live!

Check out the new campaign on www.indigenus.net

Indigenus offers full-service capabilities and global coverage through its network of 16 agencies from around the world. We are proud to be one of them!

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2014-03-26

Congratulations Eivor!

Congratulations to our customer Eivor Örenmark from Shire who took Silver in the Senior Marketer of the Year 2013 (non-UK) category in the prestigious competition PharmaTimes Marketer of the Year!

It was a successful event right across the board for Shire, who emerged the winner in three categories –International Marketing Company of the Year, Marketing Team of the Year and International Marketer.

Lindh & Partners is currently working with Shire on the future launch of Resolor and the relaunch of Mezavant.

Created by: Susanne, 2014-01-15

Christmas will soon be upon us

Christmas is approaching rapidly and already we are beginning to develop a distinct taste for ham, pickled herring and rye bread. Lindh & Partners will not be closed entirely over the Christmas and New Year period – just the public holidays.

For me, Christmas is about a sense of being together and creating good memories. That warm feeling you get from the smell of the Christmas tree, mulled wine and gingerbread biscuits. From time to time I wish I could bottle my happiness and take it out on those days that are perhaps not quite as good as they might be.

The CementBloc – one of our partners within Indigenus – has developed the app :) fuel™ (pronounced happy fuel). :) fuel™ is a free app that allows you to save and spread happiness. The app provides users with a mobile space where they can save and share things that make them happy – a song, a photograph, a video, a place, a sound or a thought.

Download the app

All of us at Lindh & Partners wish you a wonderful Christmas with many moments to save and a very Happy New Year!

Created by: Jessica, 2013-12-20

Beating fatigue syndrome

It began with an e-mail from Dr Peter Martin who wondered whether he could join us as part of his occupational therapy. His aim was to get back into working life. We thought it was an interesting proposition and he has worked with us at Medicine Instructions and at Lindh & Partners since March. And with great success!

The latest issue of the Swedish journal Distriktsläkaren contains an interesting and slightly unnerving article about Peter's fatigue syndrome – his decline, the time he was affected and his fight back – but also about how common fatigue syndrome is in the medical world and the role played by unnecessary and unreasonable duties.

Click here to read the whole article.

Created by: Hans Lindh, 2013-12-02

Resolor highlighted in Aftonladet

Shires product indicated for chronic constipation has been highlighted in the swedish evening paper "Aftonbladet".
The article focuses on a patient – Annika – who's intestinal disorders were eased by treatment with Resolor.
- "A new drug has saved me", she says.

Lindh & Partners has been working with Shire since 2012 and created the nordic launch campaign for Resolor. We have also developed an app to help patients to follow their ordination.

Click on the image to read the article.

Created by: Niklas Göransson, 2013-11-18

Can I exercise?

I've always liked to exercise. Whether it's about ball sports, a hard workout at the gym or a long paddle in the kayak.

But sometimes exercising encounter an enemy. It may be a little sore throat, sneezing, soreness or something else. A common question that then arises is: should I exercise?

Now launches Apoteket AB the site: Kan jag träna? (Can I exercise?)

Get answers in a neat, simple and clear way when you can train and when you should refrain.

Click in: www.kanjagtrana.se

Created by: Adam Claeson, 2013-11-06

Policies, guidelines and the current framework

All our medical copywriters and project managers have now undergone the IMA course. During three days in May and three days in October, our medical copywriters were drilled in LIF's ethical guidelines.

Honestly, my expectations for the course were initially not so high. I had imagined a dry recital of paragraphs. I was wrong. The three day course was both rewarding and interesting. It was great to get insight into how the rules we so strictly follow in our daily work actually are applied in practice. The course was also an excellent opportunity to discuss the thoughts that often pop up when you sit and write with the people actually making assessments of the different cases.

Insight and knowledge of the guidelines are important to us and our customers and make our work easier. The same course for the Danish regulatory framework has also been completed and next in line are the Norwegian regulations.

Created by: Jessica, 2013-10-15

Conference day at Långedrags värdshus

Tomorrow, Friday September 27, Lindh & Partners will gather for our annual internal conference. We are not in the office but in urgent matters you can reach us by phone.

Have a great weekend!

Created by: Susanne, 2013-09-26

Lindh & Partners pave the way for Apple

Could it be that the legendary Jony Ive from Apple has got his inspiration from little Gothenburg, specifically Lindh & Partners?

We can not help to wonder what Jony Ive been up to. There seems to be a clear connection between our logo and Apple's new iPhone 5C. But has Jony really copied us or is this just a coincidence?

Last week, Apple presented two new versions of its iPhone; budget version iPhone 5C and the more luxurious iPhone 5S. Iphone 5C will be released in several colors: green, blue, yellow, pink and white. iPhone 5S on the other hand, will have a more luxurious design and will be released in three different colors: silver, gold and graphite.

IPhone 5S is expected to be twice as fast as its predecessor (the iPhone 5). It will have a better and faster camera, Touch ID (a new fingerprint identity sensor), 64-bit chip mm. iPhone 5C is the cheaper model and will cost about half the price of the iPhone 5S. We will also be seeing a new operating system, IOS7, and about 200 new features – one of them the ability to handle two open apps simultaneously. We eagerly await the release in Sweden which is expected to be in October.

The fact that the new design of the iPhone 5C has similarities to our logo makes us actually quite proud;)

Learn more about the new models at: http://www.apple.com/se/iphone-5s or http://www.apple.com/se/iphone-5c.

Created by: Adam, 2013-09-20

Now on Facebook!

Now also on Facebook!

Now you can follow what's happening at our place on Facebook. Your feedback and comments are more than welcome. Write on our page and we promise to give you an answer as soon as possible.

Welcome to like!


Created by: Adam Claeson, 2013-08-20

Welcome Jörgen!

In mid-August, our team is strengthened when Jörgen Mattsson joins us as assistant project manager. Jörgen comes from Almagest Marketing, where he has been employed since 1996. He has a broad and solid knowledge of medicine-related projects and in addition to that he is a talented graphic artist. At Almagest, Jörgen was working with everything from print to commercials, interactive web sites, and educational material. All of us are looking forward to having Jörgen on board!

Created by: Therese Christiernin, 2013-08-20

Back in full force!

Some of us have already been working for two weeks, but from this week on the whole force is back in the office again. Hope you had a nice holiday!

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2013-08-13

The compliance problem - everyone talks about it ...

... Medicininstruktioner.se is doing something about it

Medicininstruktioner.se is a unique web portal aiming to promote better use of medicines and improve treatment compliance. Clear instruction films for more than 100 products in 25 treatment areas – and many more are to come. ONE single web address to remember - easy for the patient, health care institutions and pharmacies. The instructions increase the patient's chances to remain on their treatment because they feel more secure in how to take their medication. Medicininstruktioner.se supports health care staff and pharmacies in their contact with patients.

Check out the site we have produced!

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2013-04-23

Safety during cold season

At Lindh & Partners we are rather safe than sorry, and come up with efficient protection against winter germs. Joking apart – we are refurbishing and redecorating the office. The painters have been here for weeks and soon our office will be ready, new and fresh. Black, red and white is the color theme. Pictures coming soon.

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2013-03-27

Now we are even faster

The melody heard when linking up a 56k modem to the Internet was not long ago one of the most played tunes at home. The modem dialed us up and we could surf around on the Internet. In our pursuit to follow the great strides of new technology Lindh & Partners have upgraded our broadband into one of the fastest on the market. Fibre streamlines the job for ourselves and our customers.

Created by: Niklas, 2013-03-04

Deeper knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Recently, Mikael Carlsson from Grafi Technology held a course in advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at Lindh & Partners.

It was an intense morning with many interesting insights and discussions. Michael discussed topics like how to get a good ranking, how to choose relevant keywords and how to sort content. In addition, he compared different tools for SEO and statistics and finished his lecture by showing lots of examples.

We are already implementing these tools and methods when developing and managing our clients' websites. Thanks Michael for a very good presentation!

Created by: Susanne, 2013-02-11

Are you mobile-adapted?

2012 was the year in which mobile websites made their breakthrough in a serious way. Presence on the Internet has changed and people are using their mobile phones more and more to find information on the Internet. Nowadays, people can be seen clicking away on their smartphones in every possible setting – on the bus, waiting for a friend, during a commercial break on television. The mobile is constantly at hand, easy and quick to use. The mobile has become an accessory. While many feel it is antisocial, as a company you cannot ignore it. 2013 will be the year when you need to think mobile – mobile surfing is here to stay!


  • 90% use their mobile to access the Internet each day
  • 40% of all Swedish mobile users now have a smartphone (2012)
  • 2013 is the year in which it is predicted that 60% of Swedes will have a smartphone
  • 61% of smartphone users move on quickly from a page that is not up to standard
  • 48% are frustrated by poor mobile sites
  • 50% of all mobile searches result in a purchase
  • 5-33% of web searches are made via mobile surfing and the figure is increasing rapidly!
  • 1 out of 3 Swedes prefer to surf using their mobile instead of their computer


Use of mobile telephones is no longer something that can be discounted. Companies that do not have a mobile-adapted website risk losing customers – new and old. Adapting your communication to reach users using the mobile ought to be self-evident.


With the emergence of new platforms, presence on the Internet is changing – how people search, scroll and share information for example. It is important to remember this when designing a mobile website. The watchwords should be 'cleaner', 'simpler' and 'clearer'. New technology and communication channels open up new opportunities for companies to communicate directly with their target groups. This is something we can help you with! Feel free to surf to our website on your mobile.

Created by: Adam Claeson, 2013-01-30

Proud member of the Indigenus global network

Lindh & Partners is now a full member of Indigenus – the largest global network of independent, prize-winning, creative advertising agencies in the healthcare sector. Indigenus is made up of 15 member agencies on leading markets throughout the world.

Whilst classic networks have a top-down strategy – where global marketing governs local marketing – Indigenus moves in the opposite way. At Indigenus, the local agencies and the customers have considerable scope to influence the creative and conceptual process. By doing so, local insights impact on global strategy, ensuring that concepts and ideas work in each country. Indigenus offers pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare companies access to innovative, multichannel, global brand development, marketing and communication.

The Indigenus network was founded in New York in 2004. Lindh & Partners has been part of the network since 2010 and a full member since 2012. We are very proud to represent Indigenus in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Indigenus's 15 member agencies:
The CementBloc (USA), PAN Advertising (UK), umbilical (Spain), Strategik & Numerik (France), Serviceplan Health & Life (Germany), thenewway (Italy), g Healthcare (Turkey), Marketing Latino (Mexico), CPC Healthcare Communications (Canada), Sorento Healthcare Communications (India), PharMa International Inc (Japan), Thanks Comunicação (Brazil), Lindh & Partners (Nordic Region), Micó & Asociados (Argentina) and Insight (Australia and New Zealand).

Read more here:




Created by: Susanne Blom, 2013-01-22

Our clients are doing well

Dagens Industri, the largest business paper in Scandinavia, features yet another one of our successful clients in the Växjö region. Willo is a growing  company within precision engineering and MedTech. We are happy for Bengt Swanström and his colleagues at Willo and are proud of our collaboration!

Created by: Caroline, 2013-01-15

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

It has been a great year and we look forward to 2013. Thanks everybody for a great collaboration.

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2012-12-20

Welcome Inger!

We welcome Inger Årebro Holmén who joined us in december as a production supervisor. Inger has extensive experience from the advertising, display and printing industry. Before she came here she worked at Tuvemark & Co as a production supervisor. Inger also has experience from the buyers side which gives good insight and understanding of both sides' perspectives.

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2012-12-11

Yummy yummy

Satisfied stomachs make for a good production meeting.

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2012-12-03

Daddy Cool

Adam is now a dad! A little princess, weight 4260 g and height 53 cm, was born during the weekend.
Congratulations to the whole family!

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2012-11-26

Dagens Industri highlights Ello i Lammhult's success story

We are highly specialised in pharmaceuticals but over the years, we have also worked with a much-appreciated customer in a completely different sector – charcuteries. Ello i Lammhult has completed an amazing journey, from being a small, anonymous company in the Småland region of Sweden into a high-profile, high-quality producer in the Swedish consumer goods market.

We are proud to have contributed to Ello's success in recent years. Our work on re-profiling the company has produced incredible results and has attracted attention in the media, most recently in a major article the other day in Dagens Industri.

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2012-11-20

Everything is new. Everything is as it was before.

Welcome! You have landed on the new Lindh & Partners website. You have before you an invaluable array of information and knowledge about communication that drives business forward. Information and knowledge aimed primarily at the pharmaceutical industry but also at communication in general.

In our blog "Unhealthily up to date", you can read about what's happening in the pharmaceutical industry, our reflections on a variety of subjects and even tips on where to eat lunch. Not to mention the advertising bearers of the future, an explanation about what a QR code actually is and this winter's colour trends in the advertising world. Plus lots of other interesting news. We hope you find it thought provoking and want to follow us on our journey.

Shortly, our customer cases will also be updated completely and you can see what we've been working on recently. Even if you don't happen to be sitting at your computer you can still surf our website using your mobile.

Web development has moved forward at an alarming rate in recent years. We love the new challenges that have emerged. Nowadays you need to act and be constantly present. The new channels and media that have come into being have a great deal to offer and it's a matter of keeping pace with developments. You can now find us on LinkedIn and shortly also on Facebook and Pinterest. Feel free to follow us wherever you are.

During the past year, we have focused on profiling ourselves. The main aim has been to clarify our offer to you as a customer. Apart from our new website, we have enhanced our logotype and graphic identity. We also have a new payoff – An Unhealthily Good Agency – that speaks for itself.

As you can see, a great deal is happening at Lindh & Partners. Although we find it extremely exciting, we must never lose sight of what is most important. Despite all the changes, we are still the same agency with the same cutting-edge expertise we have always had. Expertise that makes us unique.

Created by: Adam Claeson, 2012-11-15

Social media in the pharmaceutical sector, step 2

I recently attended a day half-day seminar on social media in the pharmaceutical sector. Generally, pharmaceutical companies have come to realise that social media is part of daily life and an increasingly important means of communication. Even if the potential for marketing drugs in this area is limited, there are still a number of activities to focus on. A company strategy for working in this area would be an obvious first step.

One of the seminar presentations focused on different ways of monitoring your clinical area and brand on relevant social platforms – and how to select and evaluate information. Another speaker presented the results from a survey dealing with how patients and relatives use the Internet as a source of information. When you know that 9 out of 10 people in Sweden search actively for information about diseases and drugs and more than 40% say that they have attempted to induce a doctor to prescribe a specific drug, you realise the true extent of the need for information.

During the seminar, there were a number of discussions regarding the ROI for activities within social media, the LIF rules and the responsibility of the pharmaceutical companies and the care guides. The final speaker offered concrete examples of successful initiatives in this area. Thanks Pharmaportalen for a well organised event!

Created by: Susanne Blom, 2012-10-15