Lindh & Partners is a full-service communication agency, focused on medical marketing. In a highly competitive market with focused target groups, we create, support and develop strong brands using digital, social and printed media.

Medical knowledge and creativity in perfect harmony

We are a team of specialists who combine profound medical knowledge with creativity and strategic thinking: medical copywriters who are doctors and PhDs; project leaders from the healthcare industry; creative doers who are experienced in working with an integrated approach.

We have more than a decade's worth of launch experience. Collectively we are responsible for the launches of more than 150 pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices – nationally and internationally.

Pharmaceutical marketing is bound by strict regulations but this can also trigger strong creativity. You just have to know how.

We know!

We are part of The BlocPartners, the strongest global network of leading independent health creative agencies, delivering full-service capabilities to global and local clients worldwide since 2004. Incorporated as an LLC, it has 18 top-ranking health creative agencies in key major and emerging markets, which maximizes growth for brands.

All partner agencies were born of a passion for healthcare, rank in the top 5 in their market, and bring a deep understanding of local regulatory issues, legal mandates, and cultural insights only a native can deliver. Together, The BlocPartners adapt, flex, and collaborate across international boundaries to overcome every kind of barrier and deliver effective solutions that master the art and the science of health communication across stakeholders and channels.

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